9 Benefits Of An Asphalt Parking Lot

1. Durability

Asphalt holds up incredibly well when subjected to regular vehicle traffic, weather, and chemical exposures. The material is flexible enough to withstand the movement and stresses created by cars and trucks yet is still resistant to cracking, fractures, and deterioration. Quality asphalt can remain in service for upwards of 20 years with proper maintenance.

2. Low Maintenance

Once installed, asphalt parking lots require very little ongoing maintenance. Other than occasional seal coating every 2-3 years, asphalt is extremely durable and crack-resistant, minimizing repair needs.

Asphalt is less prone to cracking from settlement, tree roots, or freeze-thaw cycles. It also resists the staining, scaling, and pitting that can plague concrete over time.

Just minding basic housekeeping like sweeping, line painting, and pothole filling ensures an asphalt lot stays neatly maintained. And any damage that does occur over decades of use can often be addressed with a new overlay rather than completely tearing up and repaving the entire lot.

Asphalt’s longevity and ease of renewal make it a very low-maintenance solution for the long haul. You’ll get excellent returns from your investment without the constant vigilance needed with a concrete parking lot. Sealcoating parking lots is another one of our areas of expertise, so when you need this service, give us a call at any time.

3. Cost-Effective

Due to fast installation times and low material costs, asphalt is one of the most budget-friendly surfacing materials for parking lots. Initial asphalt costs can be 20-50% less than alternate options like a concrete parking lot or pavers.

The ability to patch and resurface existing asphalt instead of fully re-paving also makes it very cost-effective over the lifespan of the lot. Owners can realize excellent value from both the initial investment and long-term ownership expenditures.

4. Customizable

An asphalt parking lot can be completed with various colors and patterns to designate parking spaces, directions, or logos.

5. Quick Installation

Asphalt can be paved quickly over large areas and sets to allow use in just a few hours. Thus, there is minimal disruption to business. Obviously, business owners can’t wait for weeks in order for their parking lot to be usable.

6. Impervious Surface

One of the major advantages of asphalt in a humid, rainy state like Georgia is its imperviousness to water. The paved surface area is resistant to moisture penetration. This prevents puddles, ponding, and flooding issues during Georgia’s frequent heavy rainfalls, essentially enabling year-round use regardless of precipitation levels. A well kept asphalt lot will not absorb a lot of rainwater so there is minimal penetration to the base or sub-grade.

This imperviousness also means the lot can be usable again quickly after storms, rather than requiring a longer drying out period. And the lack of moisture absorption means the asphalt surface avoids the freeze/thaw cracking that can plague permeable pavements in the occasional cold Georgia snaps. Asphalt’s water-shedding abilities make it an ideal long-lasting surface for the Georgia environment.

7. Smooth Surface

Properly laid asphalt provides a smooth, flat surface ideal for parking lots. While this is a benefit for drivers, it also is safer for pedestrians, decreasing the likelihood of falls and reducing your insurance risks.

8. Reusable & Sustainable

Asphalt offers a high degree of sustainability and environmental friendliness for several reasons. Existing asphalt pavement can be reclaimed and recycled back into new asphalt mixes, reducing landfill disposal. The material can also be recycled repeatedly with proper processing.

Asphalt production also mainly utilizes aggregate rock and recycled components, minimizing dependence on virgin natural resources. Pavement reclamation techniques allow reuse right at the site, eliminating transport-related emissions.

9. Aesthetics

Aesthetics are an important parking lot factor for many business owners. A smooth, black asphalt parking lot provides a clean, sleek look that appeals to many property owners and businesses. The dark color hides oil drips and tire marks well. Contrasting lines for parking spaces, directions, and logos painted on asphalt really pop visually.

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