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Atlanta Paving Solutions was created by a group of folks whose paths seem to cross each others’ regularly. All of them were working within the the paving industry and each of them, through many experiences, saw what was good about the trade but far too often experienced the bad as well. There were a lot of turn-offs such as “The Good Ole Boy Network”, and the “Fly By Night Gypsies” who show up with a truck full of asphalt, offering paving for 1/2 off. Little do many victims realize that the asphalt has been cold for days and before the ink on the check is dry, this scammer has disappeared to never be found.

Atlanta Paving Solutions was created when a room full of paving professionals committed to coming together and creating not only a paving company but a family with high morals who vow to work ethically and provide clients with great service.

Atlanta Paving Solutions strives for professionalism in every aspect of our organization. From courteous customer service and accurate contract pricing to clean and polite field crews we are committed to high standards of conduct. Our equipment is well maintained, we utilize proper safety equipment, and our communications are professional. We work hard to set ourselves apart from, and higher than the average paving contractor.

Atlanta Paving Solutions: We can handle projects of any size. From large commercial projects such as apartments, office parks, churches to single pothole, speed bumps, or even a walkway repair. We have the skills and experience for any asphalt paving maintenance, seal coating, or striping job.


Our Dedication to Atlanta’s Business

Atlanta Paving Solutions is dedicated to being a resource for Atlanta’s store front businesses.

We know how frustrating cracked pavement can be for the driver who is visiting a shop or how potholes can damage the wheel of a car or how annoying it can be for a customer who is driving on uneven pavement. We also know that first impressions are important. Your pavement and your store front is the first thing your customers see.

We also know that business owners are busy and spend the majority of their days focused on the business at hand. They don’t have time to worry about the parking lot. That is why we are here as your full-service parking lot maintenance contractor. We will come out and survey the area help to consult you on what needs to be done while staying within your budget. Then we will take care of everything from there. We will make sure that the job is done correctly and in a timely manner. We are here to make this process as seamless as possible so that you can have a beautiful storefront with an aesthetically pleasing and fully functional parking lot. Call us to set up your free consultation!